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Are you ready to leap from the traditional way of learning to online learning in your organization ? Are you ready to invest time and money in searching for new technologies that can be used to help within the L&D process ? In this blog post, we compare the two solutions. LMS and LXP have certainly a lot of interesting functionalities that we will try to shed light on.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System is a software application through which you will be able to create, track, report and deliver online educational and corporate courses. LMS is used to provide training programs and courses for new employees; besides this, it collects data and makes it accessible to the administrators to give them  the ability to track the performance and evaluate the assessments and scores of the employees. 

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Learning Experience Platform is a user friendly online platform that focuses on delivering personalized learning content to the users and focuses on improving the learners’ experience and facilitates social learning and collaboration. Learning Experience Platforms integrate all the learning content from different sources in a single platform.

Differences between LXP & LMS

LXP focuses on improving learning experience; however, LMS focuses on learning management. In LMS, the administrators have full control over the learning content that will be delivered for the learners on the system; in addition to this, administrators determine the path that learners must follow. However, in LXP anyone in the system can create and share learning content with others, admins can add learning content from different sources; besides this, the learners choose their own path. 

Which system to use ?

Since most companies create mandatory training for its learners, but also they want their learners to choose the material they want to learn that will align with their career and development and most companies prefer collaborative learning and coaching, so it will be good for your company to choose LXP over LMS. 

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