Tips for an effective Learning Experience Platform

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The concept of learning is changing from being conventional and classroom teaching into online learning. Online learning gives the learners the flexibility to learn whenever they want and gives them the freedom to choose whatever they want to study, so now learners do not have to reach learning content by going to learning centers, universities, or schools. Learning becomes different from what people are used to before. Learners can reach out to learning content easily wherever they are by only having access to the internet with their personal computers and mobile devices. It is critical to build a learning platform to ensure that the learners will be motivated and encouraged and to ensure that the learning experience is engaging. 

But what should be done to ensure the success of the Learning Platform? 

  1. Motivation & Engagement:

Learning Experience Platforms allow you to create customized learning content that grabs your learners’ attention with the use of visualizations. These visualizations can be added as learning content in short videos, pictures, ebooks, and blogs in order to grab learners’ attention and avoid losing their interest. Adding flexibility into the learning content is another factor that affects the motivation and engagement of learners positively.

  1. Personalization: 

Personalization in learning platforms enables the learners to customize their learning content and customize their learning path. Learning content will be tailored to the learners’ needs, interests, and skills. Learners are responsible for setting their goals and follow their own pace; in addition to this, learners will have full responsibility to manage their own time. Personalization enhances learners’ engagement and encourages learners to spend more time learning.

  1.  Progress Tracking: 

Another crucial factor that ensures the effectiveness of a learning platform is the ability to analyze the learning progress. Learners prefer to receive feedback about their actions and productivity. In the Learning Experience Platform, the learning progress will be tracked by using xAPI to collect data about experiences that each user has during his/her learning journey.  

To sum up, using these three tips will help in building an effective learning platform giving the learners full responsibility and flexibility to choose what skills they want to earn and motivate them to develop their skills. In addition to this, building a successful Learning Experience Platform will encourage organizations to shift to elearning instead of the traditional ways of learning.