Microlearning & it’s benefits

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Most of the employees suffer from the lack of time to learn something new and need to have access to learning content that can be viewed easily, quickly, and in less time. And here comes the concept of microlearning and its role and presence in the Learning Experience Platforms. 

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning means receiving your eLearning content in small doses and short chunks of information that can be comprehended in a short period. Microlearning content is developed to be focused to meet the immediate and daily needs of learners, so learners can view videos, read blogs, ebooks, or articles, and receive their daily dose of learning. Learners can receive personalized, updated learning content that meets their daily learning needs. Microlearning is easily accessible, as it is mobile-friendly that allows learners to learn new things in a short amount of time and on the go.

Benefits of microlearning

As we live in a fast-paced world with technology being involved in everything around us, so we need to learn new things effectively and quickly to cope with these changes, thus microlearning is a solution that can help. Let us know more about the benefits of microlearning.

  • Personalization & Engagement:

 Microlearning boosts engagement among learners and empowers them by giving the learners full control in defining what they want to learn and delivering learning content based on their needs.

  •  Accessibility:  

One of the most important benefits of microlearning is that the learning content is always available just in time and designed to work on multiple devices to be easily accessible for users. 

  • Less time consuming:

Another benefit for microlearning is that it doesn’t consume the time of users because it is based on short learning content, thus it will fit within the learners’ busy schedule.

  • Affordable:

Microlearning is cost-effective and affordable compared to traditional learning and e-learning methods because it is based on short online learning content as videos, blogs, and articles and these materials can be developed easily. 

  • Faster development: 

Microlearning will benefit any organization as the learning content can be developed faster, so organizations can update their learning content regularly and continuously to fulfill the needs of the organizations and train their employees quickly and in a short time. 

After knowing what is microlearning and defining its benefits for both the learners and organizations. Now it is the time to take advantage of microlearning and Learning Experience Platforms, measure its impact on your employees and organization.