What is Learning Experience Platform LXP?

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The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a learning software designed to create more personalized learning experiences and help users discover new learning opportunities. By combining learning contents from different sources, recommending and delivering them with the support of Artificial Intelligence, across the digital touch points, e.g. desktop application, mobile learning app and others.

LXPs leverage innovative digital technologies to harness a wealth of internal digital learning assets, external 3rd–party content as well as user-generated resources to deliver highly customizable learning.

By making data the focus of an enterprise’s Learning & Development (L&D), LXPs enable companies to more effectively manage digital disruptions occurring across the workforce.

At a macro level, LXPs are a major shift from the traditional way of delivering corporate L&D. They provide opportunities to enhance engagement with platform users by helping them (learners) interact with the platform in a more personal way.

LXPs may include all the enabling consumer-grade tools and technologies that are used to design, develop, create, monitor and administer highly personalized learning environments. But they go much beyond that!

The “openness” of LXP architecture means their capabilities can be leveraged by a much broader audience than before. And thanks to the wider variety of technology these platforms can support, L&D specialists have greater flexibility when integrating corporate and 3rd-party systems and tools into learning ecosystems. And because these platforms more ably support data-driven learning, senior decision-takers can better leverage them for more informed ROI-based learning policy-making purposes.

LXPs ability to connect to and integrate with other (existing) systems and tools implemented at companies and institutions, distinguishes these platforms, from learning ecosystems of the past.

By tapping into the data and capabilities of existing environments, and supplementing them with newer capabilities like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics, LXPs can proactively detect learning needs and deficiencies and define learning strategies to bridge those gaps.

LXPs take conventional training models a step further, by not just acting as curator, repository and dispenser of learning content and learning records, but serving as the backbone of corporate learning technology. The result: The delivery of a comprehensive, holistic and deeply personalized learning experience to anyone that uses the platform.

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