Open Badge Multi-language Support

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As Open Badges are intended to be a global unified currency for exchange of information about personal and professional development, the need has emerged for badges to be multi-lingual. At Badgewell, we realized early on the importance for multi-language support. We basically support multiple languages at several levels:

Open Badge Multi-Language Support

On Badgewell, digital credentials can be issued in English in addition to many other language. The language choice plays a critical role in reaching the right audience for your badging program.

End-User Multi-Language Support

End-users can change the platform language to multiple languages, including Chinese, French, German, among others. The platform supports LTR and RTL languages too.

Badgewell Regional Websites

Education is a personal experience. In order for us at Badgewell to localize the learning experience, we have developed regional websites, such as our website. ‍