Learn More About Badge Connect

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Badge Connect is a protocol that allows recipients and issuers to connect to the growing ecosystem of Open Badges. Badge Connect API is a new standard by IMS, released under the Open Badge Version 2.1 (OBv2.1) to allow badging systems to synchoronize user profiles, and export and import badges freely. Badge Connect enables more portability of digital credentials, by allowing earners to claim Open Badges on one platform and export their digital credentials to another platform of their choice. Badge Connect API brings the concept of a federated badge profiles or collections to the Open Badges ecosystem.

Applications in the Badge Connect-enabled Open Badges ecosystem fall into two main roles. Host Party (Badge Backpack) and Relying Party (Badge Issuer). Relying Party applications typically serve functions as either an Issuer of badges, which provides recognition to recipients, or a Displayer of badges, which helps make badges meaningful or translate them back into some kind of real world value or new opportunity for their earners.