What is Badgewell?

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Badgewell is a digital badging and business solutions company that builds and operates digital badging and certificates platforms. Under Badgewell brand, we operate an educational multi-sided platform that offers digital badging and education credential management. We offer advanced features, such as Blockchain integration, Blockchain supported credential verification, advanced data analytics, skills experience graphing and LMS integration.  

Additionally, Badgewell extends its offering to blockchain digital asset management; our services include digital signature, smart contracts, workflows and analytics. We have particular interest in blockchain digital asset management service for education, health care and public sector.

Our mission is to build and operate an open and neutral platform for learners, educators and employers to connect with opportunities and exchange learning records seamlessly. We hope to bridge the gap between institutions and the labor market in order to improve and tailor educational curriculum so that they better prepare learners for the skills that the market will require. Users should be able to finally have a platform to manage their verified learning credentials and be able to view guided tracks for continuous professional development and be more inclined to learn through their professional careers.