3 reasons to use Open Badging as an HR tool

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As a digital badging platform, Badgewell can help companies develop new and unique people and organization capabilities.

Workforce Capability

With tens or hundreds of projects, extra-curricular and independent professional pursuits, formal and informal education, today’s Human Resources Manager is flooded with tons of information pieces that she cannot filter or fully capture. In today’s world we depend primarily on what people say about themselves and this creates a lot of noise for employers seeking to hire the best and the process is suboptimal at its best.
Badging solutions help the organization of today recognize sophisticated skills and build real-time inventories of skills and capabilities. These badges can either be awarded internally by the customer people and organization function or by her consultant or by her education partner.
By the changing ways organizations harness the potential of human skills in a changing global business landscape and throughout the employee lifecycle we ensure organizations can find, nurture and incentivize the right adaptable, innovative and skilled people they need for the digital age.

HR Technology

HR software technology is providing HR leaders with a unique opportunity to rapidly deliver revolutionary change and a renewed strategic focus. While most of the HR functions are fully or partially automated, some parts of the process remain manual, creating bottlenecks and reducing accuracy and reliability of information. Market research conducted by Badgewell on multinational companies indicates that most of these companies continue to depend on off-line systems, such as papers and spreadsheets to coordinate learning and development (L&D) and receive certifications for program, assessment and projects completed by their employees.
Digital badging workflow eliminates the off-line error-prone communication between educator and employer by connecting the educator and employer on a single platform where both can seamlessly communicate and directly exchange learner records.

People Analytics & Insights

Digital badging can help unlock the power of the workforce through data by constructing real-time skill inventories, which can be analysed in seconds to help with strategic workforce planning, productivity, talent management, employee engagement and retention, performance management, agility, and mobility decisions. By using people analytics, organisations can cut through the noise and get a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t.
Badging technology enhances the ability to anticipate people issues that may affect the business so that the customer can make meaningful action plans. Our solution offers greater visibility by reporting through a range of online, cloud-based, mobile, print and real-time means. Our dashboard reporting links critical data and insightful analytics to business outcomes. We help you identify optimal demographic filters so you can view your data exactly the way you want.